Guidance of the complete transaction process to show you how to purchase our products:


  Step 1. You may browse our website first, select the products you are interested in, and send us your questions about the products or our factory. Then we’ll contact you soon to discuss any details.  




  Step 2: Customize your Business solutions tailored to your specific needs.




  Step 3: After the initial contact, you are welcome to visit our factory, further discuss cooperation related details, or online to sign the contract and pay the prepayment.





  Step 4: After the contract is signed, we will start production strictly in accordance with the contract stipulations. In the production process we will provide you with pictures and video inspection  or the third party inspection, at any time to maintain communication between us.




  Step 5: After the product is finished and factory tested. Then the products will be packed and shipped. Also we provide installation service if it is needed.




  Step 6. Service never end. Any questions or issues you can find us online by mobile phone, email, whatsapp, skype or other online apps.We will strictly follow the terms of service to provide you with after-sales service.